[TV/FILM] Easy S3E2 "Private Eyes" by chrystyne

After 9 months of waiting, I am happy to finally announce I was brought back for the third (and final) season of Easy on Netflix! Look for me proudly letting my kink flag fly in S3:E2 “Private Eyes."

Playing a (small) part in Easy for S2(E7) and S3(E2) was an incredible experience. Having the opportunity to take part in series that speaks to the “Chicago way” and have two pillars of my creative career showcased (photographer + fetishist) was an honor. Thanks again to Joe Swanberg and the Easy crew for the warm welcome, good times, and fond memories!


[MODELING] Madame X Portrayal for the "Cat Women" Series by chrystyne


I am delighted to share the fruits of my first (modeling) project of 2019 - me portraying a modern day Madame X with the one and only Duncan Idaho (x2)!

The shot is part of the “Cat Women” series by Brooke Hummer, which is a celebration of powerful, independent women and their cats. When examples from the series were posted in late November, I was in awe. I contacted Brooke regarding the series and was flattered when she said I was a perfect fit for her recreation of John Singer Sargent’s Madame X.

When we began coordinating the shoot, I suggested we schedule the session to take place on my 37th birthday to punctuate the start of my late 30s. Shooting at this specific time - on my day - added another layer of meaning to the piece. It was my way of challenging and rejecting the societal norm that as women age they “lose power.”

Photographer: Brooke Hummer Photography
Model: Chrystyne
Hair/makeup: Jamie Tannenbaum
Producer: RAD Presents - Peter Frederiksen
Assistant: Thalia Witkovsky


I am once again a NAKID Magazine contributor! A series of experimental nudes I shot with Linden Jackson is featured in their latest mini-issue “Body Parts.” The limited edition publication features the work of 20 artists and is now available in the Nakid store.

Individual prints from the series are also available in my shop.

[TV/Film] Netflix Easy Season 2 Cameo by chrystyne

The second season of Easy, which dropped this past Friday on Netflix, is rad. The show is set and filmed in Chicago and features note-worthy local businesses and talent in every episode. I am happy to report I was one of the lucky locals who was asked to contribute this season! One of my photos was selected for inclusion in “Lady Cha Cha,” S2E7 and I have a bit of screen time to boot. 

Being a part of the show put me in touch with a great group of female artists based in the Windy City. Thanks to Joe Swanberg and the Easy art department for the opportunity! What do you think Jo (Jacqueline Toboni) and I were discussing at the feminist art show?

EasyS2E7 Chrystyne1
Easy S2E7 Chrystyne2




My project Just Say NO! is a photographic exploration of women setting boundaries and asserting themselves through fashion. In light of #metoo, which has inspired women to come forward with their sexual harassment and assault stories, I realized the time to fully dive into this project is NOW.

If you are a female living in the United States who is sick of having your boundaries violated and standards dictated to you by others, e-mail me to inquire about shooting! Seeking expressive women of all ages, shapes, nationalities, and sizes who aren't afraid to emote in front of a camera and speak about their experiences. You don’t have to be a professional model or entertainer to participate, either! 

When you reach out, please tell me why you are interested in being a part of the series and include a link to your website and/or recent photos that clearly show your face and body. I am based in Chicago, but love traveling and will consider expanding the reach of this project if enough interest is generated.

[PHOTO] VGXW by Virtuogenix by chrystyne

My editorial “House of Idolatry" is now out in the inaugural issue of Virtuogenix's weekly edition, VGXW. Virtuogenix is an independent fashion magazine sold at select major bookstores worldwide & Amazon, and I am happy be to along for the ride!

Full editorial: House of Idolatry by Chrystyne
Photographer: Chrystyne
Designer: HOI
Model: Rine of KModels Chicago
Makeup: Mia Kelly
Location: Hubbard Street Dance Company


[photo] Femme Rebelle Cover + Featured Editorial: September 2017 by chrystyne

Nadia is looking fierce on the cover of the Sept 2017 issue of Femme Rebelle Magazine, a UK publication that features the best in alternative fashion! My shots have been on the cover of Chicago publications before, but this marks my first (front) cover for a magazine. Hopefully this is the first of many to come. Kudos to everyone on the team for harnessing their passion, energy, and creativity to make the shoot come together:

Model: Nadia J Torrence
Producer, stylist, and hair: Shari Cornes of Boutique Photo Loft
MUA: Michael McGuire
Location: Boutique Photo Loft, Chicago


[photo] iMirage Magazine: Killer Beauty 32/10 Back Cover by chrystyne

Landed the back cover and a 6 page spread in iMirage Magazine 32/10! The theme is Killer Beauty: Dark Stories, so this set I did with Andrew Morrison and Jessica Hillery fit in beautifully. We originally shot this concept for an art club gallery show at Soho House Chicago and did not plan on submitting it to any magazines for inclusion. I find it interesting how cool opportunities manifest when you are not hyper-focused on success. 

[PHOTO] The Day Bowie Died (Series) by chrystyne

When I heard David Bowie had died, I was in shock. Reality shattered. Time was moving like molasses. It was similar to the feeling that came over me when I heard my father passed away a couple of years ago. I always knew Bowie's death would hit me hard, but I never imagined it would feel like losing family. He really meant that much to me.

Inspired by Bowie turning death into a masterpiece, I decided to document my grief in a series of photos. I did what came naturally in the moment: donned a unitard, put on vibrant makeup, and played with shadows.

This is the first shot from the bunch. Thanks to Jack Graham for helping take some of the reference photos - some angles were hard to achieve without assistance.

This is the face of an artist who has lost her last living idol. 

The Day He Died.  ©2016 Chrystyne

The Day He Died. ©2016 Chrystyne

[MODEL] Flavorwire and Beautiful Decay Magazine by chrystyne

Gracie Hagen was the ONLY photographer I worked with during the past year while on hiatus.  Recently I posed for her series Illusions of the Body which shows a flattering and an unflattering photo side by side to illustrate how posture and attitude affect one's appearance. For the past week I have had friends from numerous countries and all walks of life contact me because it has been popping up all over. Today just hours after one buddy said he spotted it in Beautiful/Decay Magazine, another mailed to say that he saw it on the FRONT PAGE of Flavorwire!

I like seeing Gracie getting the attention she deserves and I am honored to have taken part in this series!! The full articles can be found HERE: Illusions of the Body FLAVORWIRE & Illusions of the Body BEAUTIFUL DECAY

Illusions of the Body 12/4/13

Illusions of the Body 12/4/13