[MODELING] Madame X Portrayal for the "Cat Women" Series / by chrystyne


I am delighted to share the fruits of my first (modeling) project of 2019 - me portraying a modern day Madame X with the one and only Duncan Idaho (x2)!

The shot is part of the “Cat Women” series by Brooke Hummer, which is a celebration of powerful, independent women and their cats. When examples from the series were posted in late November, I was in awe. I contacted Brooke regarding the series and was flattered when she said I was a perfect fit for her recreation of John Singer Sargent’s Madame X.

When we began coordinating the shoot, I suggested we schedule the session to take place on my 37th birthday to punctuate the start of my late 30s. Shooting at this specific time - on my day - added another layer of meaning to the piece. It was my way of challenging and rejecting the societal norm that as women age they “lose power.”

Photographer: Brooke Hummer Photography
Model: Chrystyne
Hair/makeup: Jamie Tannenbaum
Producer: RAD Presents - Peter Frederiksen
Assistant: Thalia Witkovsky